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Payroll Liability Schedules: How to Add / Remove / Modify

QuickBooks Desktop gives the option to list the payroll liabilities in the Employees / Payroll / Pay Liabilities screen.  Using this feature allows for immediate review of payroll taxes and other liabilities.










When the payroll was setup, the Federal payroll taxes probably defaulted to the “typical” schedule.  That would put the Federal 940 due the end of January in the year following, and the Federal 941 due either semiweekly or monthly.

If other payroll liabilities are desired in the list – or if the ones listed need to be modified/deleted – the schedules may be accessed via the Employees / Payroll Setup screen.  Once the screen appears, select “#5 Taxes” and then “Schedule payments.”










Click on an individual item in the list, and then “Edit” to modify or remove the liabilities from the schedule.  The “Edit Payment Schedule” screen will load, provide options for payment, as well as an “I don’t need a regular payment schedule for this item” option.  Click “Finish” to go back to “Review your Scheduled Tax Payments list” and either select another item or click “Finish” again to exit Payroll Setup.










Accessing the “Pay Liabilities” screen again will reset the Pay Taxes & Other Liabilities list – reflecting the changes made.

For more information or help, please contact the QuickBooks ProAdvisors at Ketel Thorstenson 605-342-5630.

Tami James

Tami James

QuickBooks ProAdvisor at Ketel Thorstenson, LLP
Tami joined the KTTLP team in 2014. She is a senior associate in the Accounting Services Dept. in the Rapid City office. She is a Chadron State College graduate with a double major in Accounting and Management.
Tami James

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