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Management, Human Resources, & Estate Planning

Ketel Thorstenson, LLP (KTLLP) assists businesses and organizations in and around the Rapid City, South Dakota area with consultation in management, human resources, and estate planning. Our services are directed towards creating better business operations, strengthened management-employee relationships, and effective estate planning for business transition.


How can you improve on the performance of your business or organization? The primary function of a management consultant is to provide information and expert advice on internal changes that will enhance operations, such as strategical planning or the implementation of new information technology. How do you fine-tune your existing human resources practices and programs for maximum results? Eliciting the advice of an HR expert is an excellent place to start! KTLLP provides consultation in both of these areas.

When it comes to consultation, many indiviudals and business owners will also look to a respected accounting firm to help them establish an estate plan. What is estate planning, and why is it so important? You’ve spent your lifetime imagining, performing, succeeding, building, and protecting everything that you’ve come to possess today—why would you stop with the present? Estate planning is preparing for the future of your possessions and your property—the future of your family.

What Can Our Consulting Services Do For You?

Above all else, a professional consultant offers expert advice derived from a qualified background of combined education and experience. The purpose is to make internal changes that will enhance value, strengthen relationships, develop programs, and plan for the future.


At KTLLP, we offer professional consultation for:

  • MANAGEMENT | Management consulting is all about developing strategies for enhancing the overall value of your business/organization from within. This service includes:
    • Buy-Sell Agreement Consulting
    • Partnership/Corporate Formation
    • Strategic Planning
  • HUMAN RESOURCES | Human resource consulting covers a broad range of topics related to the management of your staff, faculty, workforce, etc. Our HR consultation services can assist with pinpointing specific problem areas, capitalizing on certain opportunitites, and introducing “best practices” to your current HR program. Services include:Recruitment/Hiring Strategies
    • Employee Management, Rewards, & Incentive Programs
    • Health & Benefits
    • Monitoring Employee Behavior & Satisfaction
    • Retirement Procedures
  • ESTATE PLANNING | The KTLLP estate planning team works closely with attorneys, actuaries, appraisers, insurance agents, investment brokers, etc. to carry out the client’s estate planning strategy and fullfill established estate planning goals. Your Ketel Thorstenson CPA will make professional recommendations for the following services, as your strategy requires:
    • Clarifying Estate Planning Goals
    • Analyzing the Current Financial Situation
    • Preserving Assets
    • Reducing Potential Estate Tax Liability
    • Providing for Liquidity

Contact us about our Consulting Services

For more information on our consulting services, please contact:

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CPA, Partner
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Paul Thorstenson
CPA, ABV, CVA, Partner
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