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The Accounting Services Department of  Ketel Thorstenson, LLP offers the following Payroll services:


  • Accessing payroll solutions from anywhere, at any time, with an Internet connection (safe, secure, encrypted, and password protected)
  • Going Paperless
  • Running Payroll Reports (available electronically)
  • Entering Remote Payroll Data (log in from work, home, or while traveling)
  • Printing Remote Payroll Checks (from anywhere with Internet access and a printer)
  • Managing Web Employee (gives your employee access to electronic copies of their payroll information, including W2s)

Payroll Processing | KTLLP can assist you in the preparation of payroll information, including paper checks, direct deposit payrolls, and pay cards. We can also assist in calculating and paying 941 deposits, tracking and calculating allocated tips, and ensuring correct overtime rates for tipped employees or employees with commissions and/or bonuses. Our payroll processing services also cover Cafeteria Plans, Simple/401(k) Deductions, Child Support Payments/Garnishments, New HIRE Act Reporting, and Workers Compensation Audit Assistance.

After-the-Fact Payroll Processing | this accounting service includes calculation and payment of payroll taxes and the management of payroll forms.

Pay Cards | this convenient, automatic, and flexible system issues paychecks in real time using prepaid debit cards. It’s the most convenient way to pay people today, making direct deposit easy, eliminating paper checks, and allowing employees to use their debit cards at ATMs and merchants.

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