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Tax Return Preparation & Planning

Helping You Plan & Prepare

Taxes. There is no one-size-fits-all or fill-in-the-blank tax preparation formula. Every tax situation is different, and that’s why Ketel Thorstenson, LLP (KTLLP) takes the time to really know you and learn the details of your business through Tax Return Preparation & Planning.


Tax laws are complex and often difficult to navigate. This is why tax preparation is crucial, and tax planning should be an important piece of your total financial planning process. Some will opt to “go it alone” when it comes to compiling tax information and filing that long list of forms with the IRS. However, there are huge advantages to hiring a tax professional.

What Can Tax Planning & Preparation Do For You?

Our focus is on your financial success, and we can help you turn business strengths into tax saving advantages. At the same time, the benefits of working with a KTLLP tax professional are more than just financial. Hire a CPA to help you save on other valuable resources, such as time and energy.


At Ketel Thorstenson, tax time is all the time, and we are dedicated to serving our clients as a leading source on difficult and ever-changing tax codes and legislation. Our CPAs and their fellow KTLLP tax professionals receive advanced training and engage in continuous learning opportunities all year long to keep our service on the forefront of the tax industry. We can provide tax preparation and planning services for all filing types, including individual, corporate, estate/trust, partnership, non-profit, farm/ranch, and a number of other specialized niche industries.

At KTLLP, we can help you with:

  • Preparing a Comprehensive Tax Plan
  • Understanding Tax Implications
  • Navigating Tax Codes
  • Observing Current Legislation
  • Monitoring Tax Law Changes
  • Minimizing Tax Liability

Our tax services go beyond the simple preparation of a tax return. As a KTLLP client, you can rest easy knowing that a knowledgeable and experienced tax team is in your corner. Why? Because successful client relationships are built on more than codes, legislation, and paperwork. We’re here to be your “Friends for Life.”

Contact us about our Tax Preparation & Planning Services

For more information on tax services, please contact:

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MST, CPA, CGMA, Partner
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CPA, Partner
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CPA, Partner
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CPA, ABV, CVA, Partner
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CPA, PFS, Partner
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CPA, Senior Manager
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